Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Lavender Lemonade

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy New Year?!

In any case, let us kick aside the tumbleweeds that have inhabited this space and make something nice and simple to ease us into 2014.

The first time I made lavender lemonade was for the Sydney Food Bloggers Christmas Picnic. I was feeling rushed and disorganised, not to mention a little under pressure to make something decent to contribute to a mass of food bloggers!

Out of sheer desperation and the fact that I had a big ‘ol bag of lemons from the tree where my parents live(that fruits all year round), lemonade made sense. I used dried, food-grade lavender in this batch, as well as a fistful of mint from out the back, and topped it up with soda water.

The second time I made this was on a 36C day when I was staying with my parents in Orange over Christmas. It was a dry, stinking-hot day, one where you probably should stay inside for the better part of the day. The sound of the cicadas was deafening and all was dry and still. The tree was still dependently full of lemons, the grass was brown and crunchy underfoot and there were masses and masses of lavender with bees lazily buzzing from flower to flower. I looked out the window at the bright, yellow balls hanging listlessly on the tree, and I decided that the only way to get through that (“Scorchio!”) day, I needed to make that lemonade again.

There wasn't mint in this batch – and I didn't need it with the fresh lavender, as it had a greener flavour than the dried flowers.
This is the first time since the last time I posted that I have opened up my laptop, I just needed a giant break from it. It was an epic 2013 for me (in so many ways) and I just needed some time to switch off and hang out with my friends and family.
I didn’t stop cooking though!
I revisited old favourites from this blog for various events over the holidays. For instance:  this gateau au chocolate fondant de Nathalie was my dessert contribution on Christmas Day. This time, it was draped with rum soaked muscatel grapes instead. It is such an easy cake to make and it always gets compliments.
These salmon rillettes continue to be one of my favourite party foods and I made them on three separate occasions over the last two months. This on a piece of  crusty baguette with a glass of sparkling = happiness.
Lastly, these peaches had a work out – but, instead of using mascarpone, I used gorgonzola. Now I will probably use gorgonzola every-time I grill peaches from here on out. I also used this beautiful, wild honeycomb on top - perfection.

So here’s to buzzing bees, lavender and year-round lemons. Here’s to the discovery that you can make an excellent French 75 with this as well….

Happy 2014! It’s going to be a good year.

Lavender Lemonade
About 8 fresh, organic lavender flowers – rinsed / or 1 tablespoon of dried, food-grade lavender.
1 cup castor sugar
2 cups of boiling water to make the lavender syrup.
1 ½ cups of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Water or Soda Water to dilute to taste.

In a bowl, gently rub the lavender flowers through the sugar using your finger tips to combine.
Pour the boiling water over the suger, stir and set aside to dissolve for a minimum time of 30 minutes or better yet, overnight.
Strain the syrup and pour into a jug or bottle – depending on when you want to drink it.
Stir through the lemon juice and top up with soda water or water along with a good handful of ice. I recommend 1 part lemonade to 3 parts water or soda water.

Optional extras:
Vanilla bean
Fresh herbs like Mint or Rosemary
Lemon slices
Lavender flowers


  1. Annnnnnnaaaaa! Glad to have you back! The lavender lemonade looks delicately refreshing.

  2. What can I say, other than It's nice to see some action in your pond! She's back!

    I'm still a little wary with lavender in anything other than soap and floor cleaner, but I trust your palate with this one. And you wouldn't be surprised if I said I'd like this lemonade with vodka or gin. Oh, and a mason jar tied up with twine and speared with a candy stripe straw. Cos that's how you know I like to roll ;)

  3. So nice to see you in my inbox this morning! Like Edwina and John, I have missed you! I am glad you are convincing John that lavender is a good thing in food - although I would love lavender scented floor cleaner! Love the lavender lemonade, and especially your photo with the Lavender Lemonade logo! Too cute! Happy New Year to you, as well - hope we see more of you! (I know you have been über busy.... so am willing to be patient!) ~ David

  4. So glad I nabbed a glass of this while I could. It was delicious! And so refreshing!

  5. Yay for Lavender!!! Loving the sound of this, I'd never have thought to mix lemonade with lavender, but now I can't think of anything else. Good to have you back xx

  6. She's Alive!! Hello Anna :)

    Sorry that I missed trying this at the bloggers' picnic (unfortunately didn't go). Sounds perfect for a hot summer's day.

    So thrilled to see you back on the inter webs, anchovy mail always brighten up my inbox xxx

  7. Nono, never too late. And a HAAAAAAAPPY NEW YEAR to you too, Anna! Always enjoy reading about what you get up to in the kitchen. This recipe is so refreshing and easy to make I will definitely give this a go. Thanks!

  8. Oh you are back! And with such a lovely recipe - can't believe I missed it at the picnic. Glad you got a good break over the holidays, you certainly earned it. Catch up soon. xx

  9. have been waiting for your posts! lovely photos, wish my lemon tree would give me some lemons!

  10. Lavender … you either love it, or hate it. Fortunately, i love it … and this recipe sounds divine. I'll make a batch as soon as the Sydney heat returns. Thanks for sharing.

  11. what a gorge summer treat! I actually have mint, lemons & lavender growing so I can't wait to try this.

  12. I love adding lavender to dishes, it brings such an interesting flavour! Do you know I have all those ingredients in the garden at the moment! nice to meet you the other night. My story on the night is live, I can't wait to read yours and everyone else's .

  13. So pretty! Hi Anna, hope you're doing OK. Take care of yourself - we all need a break now and then x

  14. I am interested to taste this Lavender Lemonade

  15. ITS A BIG WOW FOR ME!!! Lavender Lemonade seems very inetresting. Hope to do it after my travel in Bega


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